Near-shore in Times of the Coronavirus

Strange times we live in.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we think about everything, from grocery-shopping to commuting to travel. The world has changed and likely things will never be the same.

With millions of people in the US alone working from home full-time for the first time, many companies have been forced to re-think their future strategies. Many are wondering how important is it to have the limitation of all the employees in a fixed physical location, with the cost and scarceness this brings, when they have proven they can run many parts of their companies remotely and even have improved productivity.

And once you realize that physical location isn’t a limitation, why not take these benefits even further and gain access to a huge talent pool with lots of benefits?

Talk to us if you’re ready to test these benefits with some of our near-shore resources based in Costa Rica. What’s there to lose?

Published by Will Vasquez

Technologist, developer and entrepreneur.

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