Custom Refresh

Our team will craft a solution to get rid of your technical gap. No matter how custom or strange your environment is.

Platform Modernization

Does one of the following scenarios sound familiar?

  • Your app only works on IE?
  • Some components don’t work on 64-bits environments?
  • Your development tools are 10+ years old?

We can create a solution to any of these issues and ensure your applications work with the latest platforms.

Cloud Adoption

Want to move some of your business logic to serverless?

Maybe take advantage of automatic scalability?

What about moving some of your files to blob storage?

We can refactor you applications and ensure you can get the benefits of the cloud without having to rewrite it.

Adopt Popular Applications

Let us take your data from legacy, in-house applications to industry-leading platforms.

  • SalesForce adoption
  • Power apps generation
  • Reporting services migration

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