Tool-Assisted Modernization

We can help you use the industry-leading tools and our expertise to provide a custom solution that goes beyond the automatic conversion and is tweaked to your needs.

Code Conversion

When you have an application that works but it’s trapped in a legacy technology, we can help you bring it to a new platform using existing tools.

Have Silverlight? We can use Platform Uno or CSHTML5 with our expertise to move your app to something modern.

Have VB.Net but can only find C# developers? We can use one of the many tools to convert the code and while we’re at it, take advantage of the latest features of .NET Core.

Automation can speed up the process and save hundreds of hours, but it will always require some manual work to take full advantage of it. Let us help you with that.

Data Migration

We help you move your data to safer and more modern platforms using existing tools and making it available to the systems you need.

We can use tools to convert from multiple platforms:

Once the data is converted we also help you ensure your existing applications work with the new data and take advantage of the new platform

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